O.Two - Exhibition

 O.Two Exhibition

O.Two (James Carey) graces GTD with his latest collection of work, impact, attitude and a whole lotta lurk! Dubbed as a collection of works drawing on themes of delinquency, obsession, and exclusion. O.Two uses language and colour like no other...

 O.Two Exhibition

Exhibiting Artist : O.Two aka James Carey

Exhibition Title : Phosphene Smoke

Opens : 8th March 2014 - Closes: 9th May 2014

Curator : Rob Swain

Event Manager : Gav Brough


A collection of works drawing on themes of delinquency, obsession, and exclusion.

Phosphenes - Luminous imagery or hallucination created by electrical manipulation of the brain, optical stimulation through pattern, a direct mechanical stimulation of the retina.

With a visual dialogue established initially by working illegally with spray paint, making large-scale murals and site-specific work without permission, the artist has developed a process of painting that crosses abstracted, ambient fields of colour and gesture with traditional typography, vivid corrupted language and appropriated slogans.

Traditional graffiti allows the practitioner to quickly acquire the wherewithal to define presence, status and ethos within an intensely competitive environment, forging dramatic, confrontational responses to marginalisation and exclusion - through smoke and mirrors, equipped with secret identities and clandestine manoeuvres, a position within that landscape is cut. These works are an attempt to drag those motivations in from the cold, they are a condensation of those principles - the concept of ego, criminality, and social place - referencing the rhythm, aesthetics and physicality of counter culture.

Event video documenting the run up and the work.

Phosphene Smoke by O_Two on Mixcloud

Soundtrack compiled by O.Two to accompany the exhibition.

- View and buy works from the show.


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